From March 24th 2022, Australians will be able to purchase or apply for .au direct names (eg.

These names are for general use, meaning any person or organisation can register them as long as they meet the eligibility criteria of having an Australian presence. There are no rules about the domain needing to match business names, products or services.

Registrants who have pre-existing names in the .au namespace (eg.,, are able to apply to obtain the matching .au direct name. The .au direct name will be allocated according to the .au direct priority allocation process. If the name doesn’t already exist in the .au namespace, then the .au direct name can be purchased from the 24th of March 2022. Registrants of pre-existing domain names have until the 20th of September 2022 to submit their applications.

What requirements are needed to purchase a .au direct name?

An ABN or an ACN.


Proof of ID (Australian passport etc).

How much does it cost?

$38 per year

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