Blazing Fast Web Hosting

  • Our own servers - your website is not shared with unknown websites
  • Scalable - small static websites to massive event booking websites. Load balancing options.
  • WordPress optimised - specifically for WordPress websites
  • Secure - SSL, Firewall, DDOS protected
  • Fast - Nginx FastCGI caching optimized for WordPress, SSD storage

Need very specific customisations or expecting large traffic loads? We can even spin up a server specifically for you (contact us for pricing).

Free Migrations

Moving web hosting providers can be tedious, that’s why we do all migrations for you so you can relax.

Included with any Support Package

NOTE: Web hosting is included with any yearly Support Package (recommended) for ongoing maintenance and support for you online needs. For changes or customisations just email your own personal account manager at [email protected].

Starting from $420 per year per website.


While editing

When editing your website, there is a History and Revision feature built into our Editor.

Entire website restoration from backup $90

Sometimes more major accidents happen. Upon request we will restore your website database and/or files from our schedules backups and test to make sure everything is working fine.

Backups are stored remotely for extra security.

Backup schedules

Hourly database backups (26 retained).
Daily file backups (8 retained).

Email solutions

Say goodbye to spam and emails ending up in junk folders.

Email addresses with your domain eg. [email protected]

We deliver email solutions scalable to your business needs with the highest level of security and authentication.

  • Proper authentication - Reach the inbox, not the spam box (SPF, DKIM & DMARC)
  • Mailing lists -  Send up to 50,000 emails per day
  • Automation - Bounce & invalid address handling to keep your lists clean and compliant

We support services like Google Workspace, Zoho, Outlook Online, Amazon SES, Fastmail, Mailchimp, Mailpoet and others.