Our registrar is auDA and ICANN accredited.

All domain fees are included in our Support Packages.

Domain transfers to us are free!

Complete domain name service

  • New registrations & renewals
  • Help with choosing the right domain name
  • Ongoing management
  • DNS management
  • Change of Registrant (CoR) process

We’ll take care of all technical updates (eg. DNS records, security settings, contact changes) and help you with professional advice on the best domain name choice, related domain names to protect your ‘brand’ and how to use your domain name with other services.

Why register more than one domain name?

Registering more than one domain name has a number of advantages. The subtle differences may not always be obvious, but you don’t want to have your competitor getting traffic that should be destined for your website.

  1. Protect your brand. If you register eg. you can also register related domains that people may search for such as
  2. Having more than one domain name does help you in getting better positioning in Search Engine results.
  3. Employ multiple domain names to direct users that are interested in that part of your business straight to the website or landing page.

Domain name licensing rules (.au Domain Administration)